To ensure a great experience with GoBoat, we have assembled a strong crew of skilled and obliging young people. Our crew always make sure to send off all of our guests with expert instructions, a smile and a nice sense of safety.


At GoBoat, the safety of our sailing guests means everything. We meet all the demands for maritime safety, and we pride ourselves on the fact that no one boards one of our boats without sound instructions from our competent crew. Life jackets are included in the rental price and come in all sizes; also for the smallest of sailors (from 5 kg/11 lb and up) At GoBoat a great experience at sea is a safe experience.



Picture identification must be shown.

The person operating the boat must be at least 18 year of age and must remain sober for the duration of the trip.

The renter takes on full responsibility for the boat and equipment.

The renter and anyone operating the boat have read and understood the following rules.


  •  The renter assumes full responsibility and is liable if the vessel, engine and equipment are not returned in the same condition as when the rental period began.
  •  In case of extensive damage to the boat, engine or other equipment, the renter is obliged to pay an excess of up to DKK 4,000.
  •  In the event of collision with another boat, which is docked or sailing, it falls upon the renter to contact the owner of said boat and resolve any matters of indemnity.


  • It falls upon the renter that the boat is operated in accordance with the current rules of navigation.
  • The boat may not be taken beyond Refshale Island. The boat may never be left unsupervised, unless explicitly agreed upon with the lessor.
  • Always keep as much distance as possible to other boats.
  • We encourage everyone to wear life jackets while sailing. Life jackets may not be used while bathing.
  • Trash may not be thrown in the water.


  • It falls upon the renter to notify the lessor in case of delays that result in your return being any later than closing time. Failing that, and if the lessor deems it necessary to mount a search, any related expenses will fall upon the renter.
  • The renter is not liable in case of cancellations made by the lessor due to weather or a missing boat due to theft or the like. Rent and any deposits will naturally be refunded in such cases.
  • The lessor can at any time deny or discontinue the rental, if rental is deemed irresponsible, or if the above rules are not adhered to.
  • The boats may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from GoBoat.


  • If you wish to cancel your adventure, this is done by sending an e-mail to cancellation@goboatstockholm.se containing your full name and booking ID (appears on your booking confirmation).
  • If you cancel earlier than 24 hours before your reservation begins, we refund the full amount.
  • Cancellations within less than 24 hours before the reservation begins are not refunded.
  • GoBoat retains the right to cancel the reservation at any time before the time of departure in case of weather that makes sailing impossible, dangerous, or if it is in any way deemed irresponsible by GoBoat. In such cases, the full amount is refunded.


  • All prices are including VAT.
  • We accept the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and American Express.
  • The full amount for the chosen experiences/goods is withdrawn in advance, as soon as the purchase is completed. However, it is possible to cancel, which you can read about in our cancellation policy.