At GoBoat, you have the opportunity to be your own captain; anyone can sail a GoBoat. The boat is equipped with a solar cell powered engine and has a maximal speed of 3.5 knots (6.5 kph/4 mph).

The boat is intuitive and easy to manoeuvre. Boating experience is neither required nor needed. 




In a GoBoat, you are at the helm, and you chart your own course through the harbour of Stockholm and Malmö. If you need some competent input about the secrets of the harbour, we are happy to make suggestions for beautiful and interesting routes. Whether you are looking for a romantic trip into the sunset, want to experience the historical buildings of Copenhagen by water or just want to enjoy a unique experience with your friends, we are ready with good tips about routes that meet your needs.

Furthermore, it will soon be possible to plan the optimum route from your sofa at home with an interactive map on this page.



Take a trip on the water on those special occasions. Whether it is a company outing, a date or the grand celebration, GoBoat will provide you with a new and different setting.

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

GoBoat has been the successful setting for everything from couples dinners and birthdays to proposals and bachelor/bachelorette parties. You can decorate the boat as you wish with flowers, balloons and anything else you might feel like, as long as it is returned in the same condition as you rented it in.

Special occasions that should be celebrated outdoors

Celebrate your birthday or special occasion on the water with the people you love. Visit an oasis of the harbour for a lovely picnic in the sun and celebrate the day in unique surroundings that give you and your guests a festive and unforgettable experience.

Romance on the water

Is there anything more romantic than drifting through Copenhagen’s charming canals with chilled bubbles in your glass and delicious food in your picnic basket? Whether it is a first date, an anniversary or couples dinner with your friends, GoBoat will take care of the preparations and the setting.

Company parties and events

Whether you want to throw a private party or host a business event, we would be happy to help you make your particular event unique. We have a wide range of musicians, writers and speaker who can be booked in accordance with your event and wishes and who will join you in our event boat and give an intimate live performance, in one of the small oases of the harbour. Contact: 



Safely bring your kids aboard and enjoy experiences for the whole family. There is enough to see on a trip around the canals of Copenhagen, where the little ones will also be entertained.

Family outing

A trip on the water offers unique togetherness and fun experiences for the whole family. Bring your family aboard and have an unforgettable day that all ages can enjoy. Because a trip in a GoBoat is also enjoyable for the smallest members of the family. 

Take your kids out in a GoBoat

Take your kids out in a GoBoat and let them gain insight into the history and sights of the harbour.

Trash pirates

The GoBoat crew daily recruit ’trash pirates’ who are given a fishing net and a mission to collect trash in the canals of Copenhagen. The efforts are of course rewarded with a thank you and a small surprise.

Let the children know what sustainability is

Give the children insight into what sustainability is, and let them come into close contact with nature and our lively harbour.