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Bild av bryggan. Träplankor från Kebony


GoBoat has been developed with a foundation in the good, sustainable experience. We want to treat our surroundings with respect and keep the harbour clean and untouched by our boats. This basic principle shows in everything from our eco-friendly electrical engines that are solar cell powered, our organic wines, soft drinks and food to the sustainable wood which our pavilion and tables are made of.


GoBoat has been created to give you unique well-rounded experiences and unforgettable memories. The idea began with a fascination with the maritime universe and no less stems from the joy and freedom gained from spending time on the water. We yearn to deliver safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing surroundings and a high level of service based on empathy, which ensures that you will always feel welcome and well treated.

Bilden visar en solnedgång i Köpenhamn.
Bild av båt seglar på en sommardag


Have you ever thought about why we wave and smile more at each other when we are on the water? When you sail a very special sense of community arises which we have fallen in love with. At GoBoat, we want to continue this special maritime atmosphere by making the sailing experience available to all. Everyone should experience the sense of freedom at sea, the unique code between sailors and the opportunity to discover and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the harbour.


When you rent a GoBoat, you get a unique opportunity for togetherness in diverse and beautiful surroundings. The picnic table is placed centrally in the middle of our GoBoats and invites to joyful moments with good food, wine and conversations, while Copenhagen slowly drifts by. The silent engines are part of ensuring a calm atmosphere, and the stage is set for an undisturbed experience with the people you love.


The GoBoat is designed to give you the best possible user experience and a functional environment where the sense of freedom, wellbeing and togetherness are the focal points. The design is characterized by fine lines and rounded edges that invite to relaxed social gatherings and interaction with the surroundings. The social aspect is underlined further by the picnic table in the middle where there is ample room to enjoy whatever food and drinks you have brought along.

The innovative hull of the boat with its wave piercing design guarantees a safe and pleasant trip.

The boat is powered by an electrical engine from Torqeedo, which is equal to a gasoline engine with 1.5 horsepower, and it has a top speed of 6.5 kph/4 mph or 3.5 knots (1 knot = 1.852 kph/1.150 mph). The engine is silent, so the conditions are ideal for conversation and contemplation. The engine is powered by the boat’s batteries, which are charged by the solar cells on the roof of our pavilion, so you can enjoy sailing with a clear conscience.

All the boats are designed and developed by RAND Boats and are of the ‘RAND Picnic’ variety. RAND Boats is owned by Carl Kai Rand who is also one of the three entrepreneurs behind GoBoat.




    The German company Torqeedo is our business partner in the field of electrical engines. Torqeedo produce the world’s most advanced and reliable electrical engines and are world leaders in the field.



    Exide Technologies is a global supplier of battery solutions, and they have amassed significant experience and research while developing their capacities during their 120 years in the business. This makes them an ideal partner for GoBoat. Exide supply the batteries that power our electrical engines.



    As the leading Danish supplier of solar cell systems, Gaia Solar are visionary and forward thinking. They have intelligently integrated their systems in the architecture of our pavilion, and their solar panels ensure that you can sail around in one of our boats without polluting the beautiful harbour.



    Helly Hansen take pride in their sustainable policies, in terms of both production and the environment. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we can equip all of our guests with life jackets from Helly Hansen.



    Our sustainable Norwegian friend Kebony have supplied us with all the beautiful wood that makes up most of our pavilion, the jetty and the tables on the boats.



    GoBoat and Tuco Marine share a passion for innovation and try to push the boundaries of the development of increasingly sustainable products that affect the environment less. Tuco Marine Group have thus been part of the development of our GoBoats.